RideIT: Together we ride

The aim of this project is to provide such user friendly and interactive service via Application User interface. This system provides a simple and quicker interaction for the users who are in need of transportation help.


RideIT: Together we ride

Carpooling is the concept of sharing your car to accommodate more than one person at a time, eliminating the need for riders to drive themselves in separate vehicles.

Carpooling for Students is not implemented still, but our objective is to help students staying in same locality to travel together and save fuel as well as money and ensure complete safety to an individual. This application can also be used by teachers/ staff members. Carpooling usually means to divide the travel expenses equally between all the occupants of the vehicle (driver or passenger). The driver doesn't try to earn money, but to share with several people the cost of a trip he/she would do anyway.

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Our app is now available on Android Platform for now as we don't have have resources to build our application or make our application compatible for IOS Platform, Just be patient will try our best and bring this application to IOS Platform.